The Salon

Join our discussion events, hosted by inspirational communicators from across the continent, and a panel of always fascinating fellow professionals.

Wednesday, 24 November at 1300CAT

Getting PR into the Boardroom

Strategic communications should play an essential role in achieving commercial or policy objectives.  But all too often, PR does not have a place at the Board table where it can make the biggest impact.  At this session we will learn how some of Africa’s highest performing companies have embedded communications at a strategic level within their organisations and hear about their journeys to elevate the power of communications within their businesses.

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September 2021

Work-Life Balance

Balancing life and work has always been a challenge when working in comms. From crisis to events, as comms professionals we regularly are called to burn the candle at both ends. During this session, four senior comms leaders will share their experiences and offer tips for managing a work life balance.

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October 2021

Reframing African Narratives

The role professional communicators play in perpetuating the simplified and harmful narratives that persist around African stories and how can they reframe the stories they pitch.