Webinar: Work Life balance for Communications professionals

During our Africa Communicators Exchange live series webinar hosted in September 2021, communicators across the continent discussed how communications professionals can decisively tackle work life balance. 

The webinar, hosted by Hudson Sandler called upon expert panellists that included Yewande Akomolafe-Kalu Kalu, Head of Branding and Story Telling at Flutterwave, Samantha Fuller, Head of Communications Yoco, James Ayodele Communications Consultant, Coalition for Dialogue on Africa and Miranda Stobbs, Head of Communications Africa, and Global Development Impact Marketing at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to discuss and share their experiences trying to battle work and life.

During the session, participants and panellists agreed that communications professionals cannot set working hours to a strict 9 to 5. Challenges such as culture, lack of capacity and poor planning were discussed. And as expected these challenges were shared by most if not all. But panellists and participants agreed that there were ways to enhance ways of working to increase efficiency leading to a better work life balance.

The webinar was attended by almost 300 professional communicators representing all corners of the continent who shared interesting perspectives on how they battle and deal with the topic. From having to work to beat a boiling crisis and to satisfy clients and customers at the same time, they all agreed that life as a communications professional is an exercise in good planning with clear objectives and goals. That way, they beat the blues associated with the notion that work life balance is not achievable, because it is possible.

See above the recording from the session.

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